Commercial Pools

At Rogers Pools, we take the most professional, ethical and serious approach to the building of any pool and when it comes to a commercial or public setting, we have years of experience liasing with builders, developers and architects.

Please take a moment to browse through our gallery to get a feel of the diversity of pool construction we have been part of. From rooftop pools, indoor pools, retirement home/ therapy pools, school pools and water park fun pools.

Natural Pools

A natural pool is one that is custom built to fit in with the natural environment. Rogers Pools can create the most realistic and relaxed freeform pool for your property.

With a relaxed feel and natural beauty, having a freeform in your backyard is a perfect fit for a bush-loving modern Queenslander. Have the convenience of a cool oasis on a hot Brisbane day without needing to leave your backyard.

Incorporate the Natural Environment

Create your custom pool by utilising the natural environment and materials around you into your home and pool. Rogers Pools incorporates large bush rocks, river stones, and soft planting in our pool building to make your pool a natural fit with its surroundings.

Perfect for the Outdoors

Our freeform pools are perfect for those who want an outdoor pool. Get the best Queensland has to offer in diverse nature and beauty no matter where you are. Enjoy a break from the heat by dipping in an outdoor pool during summer, or enjoy a pool party by the barbecue in the evenings. Have the kids play in a billabong in your acreage property or relax with your friends in a freeform pool in the Brisbane CBD.

The Best of Both Worlds

Nobody has to clean a rock pool and neither should you. By using the latest in self-cleaning technology, you can get the ease of a natural pool right in your backyard. Teach your children how to swim in the safety of a natural pool close to home before going on a trip out to the river. With a creative design team, you have a pool building experience that is perfectly suited to both your savvy style and your beautiful surroundings.

Rogers Pools can design a freeform custom pool for your city backyard or acreage property to fit in perfectly with your natural surroundings. Call us on 07 3279 1996 or contact us online.

formal pools

Formal pools, or geometric pools, are popular as both a classic choice and a contemporary style. Full of elegance, refinement, and possibility, custom pools done in the formal style are a perfect match for a modern Brisbane home.

Pool building has so many possibilities for shapes, sizes, materials, and design depending on your style and available space.

Maximise Small Spaces

Especially in smaller spaces, building a formal pool can maximise the size available. By using straight lines in the design. You will be surprised by how much more room to swim or relax you have on your property.

When it comes to traditional shapes, popular choices include geometric or a mix of straight and curved lines. Including an infinity edge or glass wall will raise the overall feel to new heights.

Vast Choice in Materials

With such a vast choice in materials such as glass, stainless steel, multi-tonal mosaics and large-format stone tiles, the end result will be total satisfaction for your family and friends. As part of our custom pool building services, we include you in every step of material choice and design, so your pool reflects your style.